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Nutz About Mutz!

Jody Epstein, CPDT-KA



Training Contract



______  By signing below, you acknowledge that Nutz About Mutz! (NAM) will offer behavioral advice and training techniques that are force free and utilize positive reinforcement. When necessary, NAM will introduce the least aversive methods necessary to achieve the desired training goals such as verbal corrections or other behavior interrupters. It is also understood that you must commit to working with your dog as directed, between formal training sessions; if you do not do the “homework” you cannot expect to see results. You further acknowledge that dogs are individuals, with minds and unique personalities and that no matter how well trained, a dog may act in unexpected ways and without warning.

______ The client agrees to forgo use of any tools, equipment, or training methods not directly approved by NAM. Using conflicting tools, equipment, or training methods can create confusion and conflict for the dog, and may undermine the success of training being provided by NAM. If it is found that the client is using tools, equipment, or methods not directly approved by NAM it is grounds for termination of the contract, without refund.


______  Within group classes, you acknowledge that dog personalities sometimes clash, and that while every effort will be made to maintain a calm and friendly environment, sometimes scuffles may occur.


______  You agree to hold Nutz About Mutz! and Jody Epstein harmless for any damage or injury to a dog, persons or property that may occur during training sessions, or at any time thereafter that the owner is utilizing training techniques taught during training sessions by NAM. You agree that the owner of the dog will be held financially responsible for any damage or injury that incurs a cost to repair.


  • Group class sales are final, with no refund available after the first session.

  • Prepaid packages have an expiration date 4 months from the date of purchase.

  • Prorated refund available for unused package sessions up to 7 days after initial purchase. Training sessions completed will be at full hourly rate ($100), plus a $25 administrative fee to process refund.

  • 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel a prepaid session. Less than 48 hours’ notice will result in forfeiture of that paid session. You may reschedule that session for a fee of $50.


*Returned checks will incur a $25 return-check fee.


______  Your signature confirms that all information provided in your New Client Form is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and that you have read and agree to the contract terms above.





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