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NOTE: 3/3/2022 Updated CDC guidelines indicate that those living in a moderate risk area (including St. Louis & St. Charles), when spending time around high risk individuals, one should continue to wear a mask. As I am in 12 client homes per week, many of which include people at high risk of serious illness, I am continuing to ask all of my clients to mask for all inside training activities with me. When we are outside, you may remove your mask if you wish. I appreciate all of my clients helping me to keep all of my clients safe.

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Knowledge, Experience and Compassion


ALL DOGS NEED TRAINING. In order to be a happy, confident and well-behaved family member, it is necessary to teach your dog what is expected of him in your home. Every dog has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every dog needs to be trained differently. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you have a young puppy or an older dog, whether you need specific behavior guidance or basic manners assistance - you need expert guidance to effectively train your canine companion. Nutz About Mutz! is both patient and flexible in training approaches, adjusting techniques to suit each individual dog's needs. If you love your dog, you can count on Nutz About Mutz! to train with love and compassion, using scientifically proven force-free techniques.

Real World Solutions for Real World Problems


  • Specializing in Timid/Fearful Dogs - including Fear-Aggression

  • Reactive on Leash (pulling, lunging, barking, growling)

  • Resource Guarding / Possession Aggression

  • Behavior Issues at Home or in Public

  • Help Your Dog Love the Vet

  • Preparing for a New Baby / New Pet

  • Help you Decide Which Dog would be Best For Your Home

  • Day Training

  • Basic Thru Advanced Canine Skills/Manners Training

  • Potty Training (Puppies and Older Dogs)

  • Training for dogs of any age (puppy-senior)

  • Basic Health & Nutrition Guidance

  • Learn How to Properly Socialize Your Dog

  • Off-Leash Training

  • And more!