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Jody is a highly knowledgable dog trainer, with an ability to make you feel comfortable when you begin the process of training. She had an attitude of 'you can do it!'
We adopted our dog from the pound and she didn't seem to have had any training. Jody made my husband and I, and Penny (the dog), feel successful immediately. The first session we saw progress!
Jody followed up after every session with emailed instructions that reinforced our lessons. Her communication allowed us to refer back to instructions in case we forgot between sessions. We welcomed the extra help and she even added that we could call her with questions if needed.
She also offered ideas to let Penny get out some of her energy, not only with play, but with things that keep her mind working. Watching Jody's YouTube videos showed us a way to use a Kong to occupy her time and other suggestions to help.
Jody is sincere in wanting you and your dog to succeed and we would not hesitate to call her in the future for help if we need it. We feel we made a wonderful choice. We were fortunate to choose Jody as our trainer. She is not only everything you might expect, but a lot more.
-- Kim, Andy & 'Penny' 
Jody is an excellent and effective trainer! She conducted a pet workshop with 15 dogs (and their adoring human parents) and was able to troubleshoot for each owner to help them with their various problems. She really listens to the owner and carefully observes the pet, to work on the skills that need improvement. Jody's talent, enthusiasm and love of animals shines through her work. I highly recommend working with Jody Epstein for any animal behavior training that you need. She will expertly guide you to be a better owner/handler for your pet.

-- Rabbi Micele Pasko
Congregation B'nai Emet

Mentioned in the Jewish Journal

Dear Jody,
Thank you so much for all of your wisdom and knowledge in training Ceili! She's getting better at everything, every day!
-You were a big part of this so thank you!

--Marguerite, Joe & Ceili

Hi, Jody.Thanks for taking such good care of us!

'Rosie' and 'Daisy'

Dear Jody,
Zeek just wants to tell you how wonderful and patient you were with him. He is rather shy when it comes to getting samples for the vet, but your calm persistence gave him the courage to pee in a cup which saved him from a very uncomfortable urinary infection. Both Zeek and Bella think you are one of the people that they are most happy and comfortable to be around--you really listen to their body language, eyes, nose twitches and yawns. They love you and we thank you immensely for helping us. I truly believe you can whisper to animals and they understand. Jennifer M. for Zeek and Bella since they have no thumbs and can't spell to save their lives.

--Jennifer M.


Thank you so much for helping us train Louis (our GSD). He was a pretty unruly puppy, but you helped us teach him early how to be a polite member of our family. He no longer bolts out the front door every time it's open! We will recommend you to everyone we know who has a dog!


Kaiser was a little spazz. You helped calm him down, teach him to not jump on the furniture or our granddaughter. You helped us prepare him for the arrival of my newest grandchild and taught him how to greet other dogs in a more polite way. Thank you sooo much! We are grateful.

-- Susan

Thank you very much for helping me train my dog. It shows how much knowledge you have and how efficient you are when it takes us only a few weeks to calm Gzelle, not to mention Rupert. My family came this weekend and praised Gzelle for how behaved she was. Thank you again and I promise if Gzelle starts acting up again, you are the first person I will call!


Thank you! We have taken your advice re our response to McKenzie's behavior, and things are definitely calming down. Your advice was the best we received and has helped enormously.


Thank you to the local business that have referred clients:

*Northridge Veterinary Center, Dr. Smith, Dr. Winkler & Dr. Summers (this is my vet. Very happy with them for years now.)

* Chatsworth Veterinary Center, Dr. Milder, DVM (my group classes are held here)


*Pet-i-Tude   -  Granda Hills


*Tender Touch Grooming  - Granada Hills


* Dr. Beeder, DVM


* Dr. Brown, DVM


* The Village Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Innes, DVM


* Valley Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Prater, DVM