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Separation Anxiety Program Structure

If you have health insurance for your pet, please check to see if they cover behavior services provided by an ACAAB/CAAB. You will be eligible for reimbursement for a portion of the package price.

NOTE: you may require a veterinary referral before we begin working together to qualify.


This is a 12-week initial program. Many pet parents feel confident enough at the end of 12 weeks to continue working independently, with occasional check-ins and updates. In other cases, the dog’s progress is slow enough, or the humans don’t yet feel confident enough, and additional sessions may be required.

All of my Separation Anxiety work is done remotely via Zoom. This is to ensure that my presence does not become a cue for the dog that exercises are about to happen, and to avoid my becoming an added stressor as you practice departures and build duration of separation.

Initial consultation to discuss the details of what your dog has been experiencing, the setup of the house, the details of the daily life, and the behaviors you’ve observed. We will also review a baseline video that you will take prior to our scheduled consultation.                                                                       value:  $275

Twice-weekly 30-minute sessions/6 weeks (total of 6 hours)– We will meet for 30 minutes via Zoom twice per week for six weeks. During these sessions we will recap the past few days and review videos you’ve submitted between sessions. We will then do practice departures with me guiding you in real time to gain proficiency                                                                                                           value:  $900

Once-weekly 30-minute sessions/6 weeks (total of 3 hours)– We will continue the second six weeks meeting once per week for 30 minutes as described above.                                                   value:  $450

Twice-weekly video submissions/12 weeks (total of 8 hours)– You will submit two videos between 2-5 minutes in length each week between our scheduled sessions. I will allot up to 20 minutes for each video to review and provide written feedback, including time-code notations for behaviors and/or environmental stimuli of note during the departures. We may also review these videos together at the beginning of our formal sessions.                                                                                                              value:  $1200

If you commit to the full program, I will offer a $275 discount, for a total package price of $2550

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